How to Create Different Moods in Your Home by Using Colour

According to chromo therapy, colors can increase or decrease a person’s mood, so, if you are not pleased with those hues, then there’s probably a lack of physical or spiritual energy that needs to be balanced by a more vibrant colour. The way the interior of the house looks is often a reflection of the inner self of the owner. This is why it is necessary to choose positive colors for your interior when doing house decoration.

So, let’s start repainting! You can change the entire atmosphere of your home by choosing a different color scheme. First, consider all your options by using a color wheel. Think at what type of mood you’d like to create in your home and choose the appropriate paints to make your life more beautiful.

colourIf you decided to repaint your bedroom, interior designers and color therapists would advise you to pick up a color that promotes tranquility. Violet, blue and green hues create the impression of wide space, that’s why they are called receding colors. When you repaint the living room, think of a color that will please everybody in the house, since it is an open, shared space.

For family rooms or playrooms, choose warm, vibrant paints, like yellow or orange, sunny hues which add a lot of positive energy to the place. If you prefer browns and greens, or neutral, creamy tones, you should know these earthy colors beautifully harmonize with each other and they are perfect for kitchens, entrances, halls.

Another important aspect to think of when you choose a specific color scheme is the way light influences it. While the light coming from classic incandescent bulbs makes cool colors like blues and violets look dull, it strengthens warm colors like yellows. The effect of economy fluorescent bulbs is quite the opposite, intensifying cool colors and making warm colors seem dull. Keeping this in mind, choose among the wide range of color schemes and ideas offered to you by interior painting experts.

If you prefer a certain color scheme and you just can’t explain why, it’s because every shade in the spectrum creates an emotional, and often physical, response. So, choose the color that perfectly defines you when you paint your home and you will always feel divine in your home.

Indeed, colors can create a positive mood if chosen appropriately. You can ideas from house interior designers or even your friends.

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